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Corporate Clients

Steve Kaplan Inc. helps businesses through consulting, advising, mentoring and keynotes at the executive level. Although Steve has a wide array of experience with businesses of all sizes, he considers small/medium size businesses his sweet spot.


“Procter & Gamble benefited significantly from Steve’s expertise, his idea and his creativity… During the seven years that Steve worked with P&G, he contributed insights into both our processes and our programs. He contributed to productive change within our market research, marketing operations, production, and purchasing areas. He also supported several new product introductions with his ideas and techniques.” – John E. Pepper, Chairman & CEO (Retired), Procter & Gamble

“Steve knows ‘business.’ After I bought one of his companies, Steve joined me and took on strategy and operations for 20 businesses, generating some of the highest profits in the organization. His ‘Elephant’ strategy is right on the money, as long as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and go to work.” – Dan M. Snyder, Owner and Chairman of the Board, the Washington Redskins

“We absolutely had great feedback on our event. Thanks for the support and enthusiasm.” – Bill Arend, Regional Manager, Oracle

“Please convey our thanks to Steve! He not only was very generous with his time, but engaging as well. I hope to be sharing some successful elephant stories in the near future. Hard work coupled with his book under our arm should give us the ammunition we need.” – Bailey Hartmeyer, AT&T


“If you want to become a high-net-worth individual, Steve can show you the way. His vision will stretch the way you think about building your business.” – Reginald Mills, Managing Director, UK NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd.

“We had a fantastic experience with Steve – he is an accomplished sales professional who trained us in opening up the doors into large companies (like Proctor & Gamble), building a broad base of relationships and leveraging that to create significant results. I would highly recommend Steve.” – Kevin Hinton, Principal, Hinton and Grusich

Small/Medium Businesses:

“I just completed a $17.3-million private equity deal for my company, LittleMissMatched. From my experience working with a leading private equity firm on all aspects of the transaction, I can now confidently say that Sell Your Business for the Max! captures each and every step of the process. This book is an incredible tool for any entrepreneur or owner looking to exit a business.” – Jonah Staw, CEO, LittleMissMatched


“I’ve founded, led, and sold five companies for a massive profit, yet Kaplan’s no-nonsense action plan probably could have netted me a few million more.” – Christine Comaford, CEO, Mighty Ventures


“His enthusiasm is infectious. He really makes you want to get out there and just do it.” – John Clarke, Assistant Dean, University of Illinois College of Business

“Steve Kaplan makes his points in a direct, humble and entertaining fashion.” – Zachary J. Schulman, Senior lecturer of Management, Cornell University.


“The advice he gave was great and right on message for all of our students.” – Chris Williams, President, Tulane University Entrepreneurs Society

"Steve spoke to all of us with candor and passion. It was great to hear his first-hand experiences and lessons learned on the front lines of running a business.” – Scott Dragicevich, Wharton

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